We assist innovators in identifying, nurturing and cultivating ideas with potential of creating intellectual wealth. Our customized solutions results in intellectual value and wealth creation. 

Our bundle of ‘Create’ services:

Idea to Innovation Development
Innovation Scouting & Cultivation
Invention Portfolio Screening
Innovation Novelty Assessment
Relevant Market Identification
Innovation Landscapes

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Innovations demand focused and dedicated management. Our robust business engagement models let's innovators focus on intellectual wealth creations, while we take care of management.

Our bundle of ‘Manage’ services:

Market Specific Innovation Plantation
Patent Application Filing
Innovation Prosecution Screening
Innovation Prosecution Strategy 
Competitor Prosecution Status Review
Foreign Prosecution Status Review

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Intellectual assets make and break an organization. We assist innovators in spotting right asset at right time for right opportunity, resulting in wealth creation. Engage us for monetization support.

Our bundle of ‘Monetize’ services:

Innovation Infringement Screening
Innovation Infringement Scoping
Innovation Patent Portfolio Sales Strategy
Innovation Portfolio Marketing & Sales
Competitor Product Portfolio Analysis
Patent Application Sourcing

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Intellectual Property. That's It. [ anovIP ]
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Asian Window

[ single window to asian subcontinent ]

Strategically, Asian market cannot be ignored.  We are single point contact for patent and trademark application filings in INDIA , MALAYSIA, THAILAND, PHILIPPINES, SRI LANKA, BANGLADESH, NEPAL and PAKISTAN.

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[ novelty – inventive – patentability ]

Majority of patent applications filed face challenges during prosecution on grounds of lacking novelty, inventiveness or patentable requirements. Engage us for assessments to gauge such requirements.

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Licensing & Transaction

[ Patent Portfolio Sales & Marketing Support]

Not all patented assets are part of offensive or defensive strategies. Such assets may give high returns if out-licensed or sold off. We assist patent owners in transactions of such assets using our network of renowned brokers.

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Intellectual Property. That's It. [ anovIP ]
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