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Our in-house customized solution team assist an individual inventor from GERMANY in capturing his invention in a suitable manner such that his lab records can be accessed on cloud by his colleagues in SINGAPORE.

Almost, simultaneously, the team would be assisting a CALIFORNIA based patent attorney in preparing most critical technical arguments which would prevent any further office action.

Our in-house customized solution team assist patent owners in devising decision enabling strategies.


It's a challenge –for a law firm to focus on growth and at the same time maintain high standards in addressing various technical domain specific challenges in serving a client. The challenge doubles up due to mismatch in time and resource matrix and also due to ever mounting competition pressure for support services needs. Another challenge is to focus on core functional areas of the firm and seek right outside support to handle not-so-core yet important functions.

Our in-house law firm solution team assist law firms in mitigating such challenges.


Our in-house consultancy team assist inventors, law firms, intellectual property analysts, venture capitalists in immediate and intelligent decision making pertaining to sale or purchase of patent portfolios.

Under a special program run for small and mid size innovation companies, the team assist the companies in handshaking with potential investors and also connect them with potential product manufacturers – wherein the manufacturers license inventions to manufacture prototypes developed by the innovation companies.

Product Launch Risk Assessments

[ Thinking of product launch? ]

It would be worth to get a Product Launch Risk Assessment done to identify who and with what can challenge your product.

Patent Portfolio Sales & Marketing Material

[ Got a Patent Portfolio for sale? ]

Our decision enabling Patent Portfolio Sales & Marketing material can increase response rate by 75%. Ask for referrals.

Innovation Risk and Business Analysis

[ Serious about a new venture? ]

May be you ignored a tiny literature which may render your innovation ineffective. Many start-ups consult us before launch.

Office Action – Technical Analysis

[ Rejection or Objections? ]

Examiner cited a not so familiar technology reference – don't worry, lean on our in-house pool of technology experts.

Market Identifications

[ Enforcement? Economy? Growth? ]

A comparative and logical analysis is what it takes to identify right economies with growth and enforcement options.

Novelty Assessments

[ Innovation? Really? ]

Yes, your innovation is unique but patent offices may not agree with your. Get a definite answer before you lose the ground.

Invalidity Assessment

[ Sued? Buying? Counter? ]

Whichever scenario best define you, get a decision enabling and logical technology assessment report. Don't leave on change.

Patent Landscapes

[ Bird's Eye View or detailed view? ]

Landscapes should have answers to questions never asked and solutions to problems never imagined. We are experts.

Patent Infringement Risk Mitigation

[ Offensive? Defensive? Infringe(d)? ]

Counter patent infringement suits without any external assistance or licensing in of patents. Yes, that easy it is. Speak to an expert.

Patent Infringement Identification Searches

[ Patent Infringed? By whom? ]

Identifying patent infringer is a tough task. Every day we help patent owners in identifying infringing products.

Claim Chart / Evidence of Use

[ Real evidences? Not just anything. ]

Patent infringement establishment demands explicit evidences of use with detailed support on nature and extend of technology overlap.

Ready to file Patent Specification Drafting

[ Provisional or Non Provisional? ]

Patent specification is an art and not a job. Legal expertise and imagination along with experiences makes us a deal.

The Inspection Book

[ Purchasing or licensing in? Wait! ]

Spending money to get in patent portfolio – spend some more and get an analysis done on strength, weakness, enforceability. We are experts.

The Pitch Book

[ Selling or licensing out? Wait! ]

Not every patent sales by it's shear virtue. Identify whom the patent asset makes most sense and value. We read patents between the lines and assist in sales. Get experts.

Application Scouting

[ Spin-off? Add on ? Risk? ]

Buy them young. Purchasing patent applications is much more effective than granted patents. But which one to buy? We are experts.

Customized solution

[ Indefinable but tailored. ]

Not everything we do can be named or tagged. We render solutions tailored to fit problems. Yes, customization is exclusive.


Build, Create & Commercialize

We work with innovators aiding them to identify most relevant and viable economic markets for their innovations to grow. With our end-to-end solutions in all aspects of intellectual property, we provide decision enabling support from innovation conceptualization stage to filing international patent applications, entering national phase in more than a hundred countries, prosecution support for in-house counsels, payment of annuities, grant or registration, licensing our or commercialization.

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Asian Window

Thinking to file patent or trademark applications in Asia? Lessen your burden of identifying and explaining your requirements to multiples offices. We are one point solution provider for most important Asian economies including INDIA , MALAYSIA , THAILAND , PHILIPPINES ,SRI LANKA , BANGLADESH , NEPAL.

Asia is not in your reach with tailored solutions on intellectual property. Got questions, right to us. Yes, with anovIP, it's amazingly easy!!

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